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Frequent Filler Loyalty Club Launched!

We would like to announce we are starting our FREQUENT FILLER LOYALTY CLUB! Earn points towards a half off fill-up of any brew of your choice, big or small, soda or cider. The best part is there is no silly card to hold on to and if you forget your total points we will be… Read more »

Frequent Fillers, We Appreciate You!

We would like to announce that we will be starting our Frequent Fillers Loyalty Program soon. Unlike those cards most places require to somehow hold onto and remember to get punched, we have a paperless program that allows you to keep track of how many fill-ups you have and get points corresponding to the growler… Read more »


We assume you either love beer or have no idea about beer so to make things easier we now offer flights! What are flights? They are 2 or 4 sample shots of the craft beer we have on tap. This way you can try it before you buy it..and who doesn’t like that? Growl On!


We have  launched our website and it is open for your viewing pleasure! Get involved, read the latest gossip, and leave us a message for any questions! Next up..SAMPLES!  Growl On!